Abbagirl (abbagirl) wrote in liz_friedman,

Liz sighting...

I watched my new copy of the "10th Anniversary Xena Collection" dvd set (which comes out in stores 2 wks from now; I pre-ordered from Davis-Anderson and they shipped already!!), and am happy to report that the new extras include, on the 7th disc, a featurette about the Hong Kong film influence on X:WP - with a roundtable discussion of Rob and other folks including LIZ!! :) Liz's hair is a bit shorter now (still curly, of course), and she seemed to be wearing a little bit of makeup, or more than usual...and at one point she tells the same anecdote (in regards to people picking up on the X/G subtext in Xena) about how people see her with her girlfriend and ask if they're sisters, heh. :) I love Liz! She totally needs to do the Burbank Xena con one of these days, dangit...I actually emailed Steve Sears recently to ask if he maybe had her contact info, but apparently they haven't kept in touch much, alas!
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